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Happy June everyone! 

Some updates to read over quickly:
I have had a few late pickups and payment miscommunications lately, and am enforcing these new rules effective immediately because of it.
1) ALL CAKES must be paid for UP FRONT. This secures your date and time for pickup. Once this is paid, it is non refundable. This is because I may have multiple people asking for the same day. If I DO NOT receive payment from you prior to your cake pickup, YOUR CAKE WILL NOT BE MADE. 
2) Once your cake is paid for, your pickup time of day and location will also be determined! Please please PLEASE be respectful of your time! I cannot stress this enough- just because I work from home does not always mean that I am home all day waiting for pickups. I also have errands to run and appointments to attend; and soon I will also have an infant to care for. 
If you are late for your pickup time by more than 15 minutes and I have to leave the house; your cake will be left outside (in my gated yard) for you to pick up.
3) I no longer have ANY AFFILIATION with WEM or RAAS- which means you CANNOT pickup your cakes at the mall! 
All pickups will be at either my kitchen in Mill Woods, OR at Terwillegar or City Market Downtown!

Thank you so much for reading and understanding! I hate to have to enforce stricter rules but unfortunately it’s come to this.

I'm still trying to establish some hours at the house/kitchen so that once Baby T is here, I can get in to a bit more of a routine! Here are the proposed hours for now: 

-Sunday 11 am- 1 pm

-Monday 3-6 pm

 -Tuesday 1 pm- 3 pm, 5 pm- 6 pm

-Wednesday 3 pm- 6 pm

-Thursday 5 pm - 6 pm

-Fridays 5 pm- 8 pm

-Saturdays 4-6 pm

Thanks everyone for being understanding- and keep yourself updated with info, cake photos and contests on my Facebook page and Instagram as well! 

Currently, my last market days before baby arrives are June 23 (City Market) and June 27 (Terwillegar Market). See you there!

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