baby shower cakes

Cake/Cupcake Flavours 


-red velvet*











-chocolate banana*









For Someone Special


Vanilla cake with chunks of Oreo baked in, topped with Oreo icing and a tiny bit of Oreo cookie! An Oreo lover's heaven! 

mini cupcakes

* indicates standard flavours. Please allow minimum 1 week time frame for all other flavours!

Party Party

Buttercream Flavours



-cream cheese 













miscellanous cakes

Sweet Treat

Chocolate Caramel

Moist chocolate cake topped with caramel icing made with homemade caramel sauce! So decadent- it's Mom's favourite!

Pick up Tomorrow

Red Velvet

A super soft chocolate cake topped with vanilla icing and sprinkles! Definitely a kid's favourite! 

Cupcake Topping/Cake Fillings

-raspberries (jam)

-strawberries (jam)

-blueberries (jam)

-blackberries (jam)

-sprinkles (multiple colours/sizes available)

-cinnamon dusting

-white chocolate ganache

-milk chocolate ganache

-dark chocolate ganache

-homemade caramel

-s'mores (marshmallows, graham crackers and dark chocolate ganache)

-black forest (maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings)

-chocolate shavings/sticks


-nanaimo (custard filling, coconut, graham crackers)

Cake & Cupcake Flavours


Delicious coconut cake topped with vanilla icing, and dipped in shredded coconut! Take me away to the tropics! 

anniversary cakes

Chocolate Banana

A family favourite- moist chocolate banana cake (with real bananas, of course!) topped with rich chocolate icing! 


Delicious vanilla cake with sweet vanilla icing! A classic favourite. 

themed cakes

kid's cakes

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birthday cakes

wedding cakes

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